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SX Marketing is a leading digital marketing agency based in Essex, England. 

We are renowned for our attentive service, complete transparency and the return on investment-centric approach we conduct with all our campaigns.

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Discovery Call

This is the first step of our mission. Discuss your project with one of our marketing experts, receive professional consultancy and an introduction to how we can elevate your business.


Finding a Convenient Time

Schedule your discovery call by entering an application form. Our team will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a convenient time for the appointment. 


The Discovery Call

This digital call allows us to assess your aspirations, learn about your business and collect enough info to create a comprehensive proposal.


Proposal Creation

Turning your vision into our mission with a comprehensive digital marketing proposal, developed entirely around your goal, requirements & business.


Lift-Off 🚀

An in-person Campaign Lift-Off Meeting in which we complete final pre-campaign preparation, revise our strategies and begin onboarding.

Our Portfolio

Relationship building

We're All About Connections

Building an attentive professional relationship is crucial to long-term success. We stay connected with 7-day-a-week support, monthly digital meetings & quarterly in-person meetings.

UK Online Digital Marketing Agency

Data-Driven Strategies

We don’t make decisions based on hunches. We strategise by analysing data to gain insights into customer behaviour, preferences and trends. This analysis is the foundation of our campaigns.

our promise to you

& Honesty

Every aspect of our collaboration is transparent. You’ll be granted full access to our project management system (ClickUp) where you can follow our progress every step of the mission.

PROGRESSIVE Digital Marketing Company

Efficiency is the
Key to Success

Planning & rigid processes are the foundation of every successful project. Meticulous preparation allows us to work efficiently and saves time in the latter stages of the project.


Comprehensive Monthly Reports

We offer comprehensive monthly reports on your entire campaign. We’ll display all analytics as a cohesive, easy-to-understand report, which will be covered in our monthly meetings.


Service fees depend solely on the campaign size, services included and how much time is required to launch and maintain your campaign.

We price our service fees competitively and focus entirely on return on investment for our clients – we would not propose you spend unless we’re certain our team can achieve a return on your investment for your business.

We can’t, no agency can

With an experienced team, tried & tested strategies and meticulous research/planning, we guarantee we’ll do everything possible to provide a successful and profitable campaign.

At the beginning of each project, we’ll set goals for what we can consider a successful campaign. If the campaign performance isn’t reaching our goals, we’ll revert to the planning phase, refining our approach and devising a strategy to meet those objectives.

This entirely depends on what digital marketing you already have in place. For the best return on investment, we recommend investing in Website Development, SEO and Digital Advertising; all offered in our Enterprise Package.

All techniques are as important as each other, but there is a natural progression. A website is always the starting block for every campaign, without a website you cannot execute SEO, Digital Advertising or any other outreach which requires a landing page. 

Once your website is in place, beginning to progress your SEO will provide your business with a consistent, affordable and reliable source of high-intent traffic.

When your website and SEO are live, then it’s time to begin investing into a profitable advertising strategy. SX Marketing use this same progression with all projects. 

SX Marketing reports campaign performance in a monthly performance report presentation.

Clients receive a comprehensive PDF document outlining all relevant data, trends and a personalised written breakdown. We present the report in a video call meeting at the end of the month. We also conduct quarterly in-person meetings to review the previous quarter’s data.

SEO clients can also access campaign performance data directly from our bespoke SEO portal with their individual login and project interface.

The SX Marketing team are on hand 7 days a week to offer support via WhatsApp support chat, email, video call or phone call. 

Our preferred method of communication is our WhatsApp support chat, although we’re happy to work with the client’s preference.

It happens, no honest agency in the world has a 100% track record. 

When campaign performance doesn’t reach our expectations, we revert to the planning phase. We dissect the data we’ve gathered so far into the campaign to uncover what it is that is limiting performance. Once we understand why we’re not achieving the performance we require, we’ll devise a strategy that surpasses these limitations.

The new strategy will be presented to the client and we’ll execute our refined approach. This will be monitored closely to ensure all aspects are working as intended.


Our projects aren’t bound by contracts or time commitments. The only document we require clients to sign is a Service Level Agreement to protect both parties.

Yes. There are many benefits of outsourcing your digital marketing to an external agency: financial, convenience, no trials & tribulations of employment, the list goes on.

From an agency perspective, the greatest benefit is having a team of experienced specialists working exclusively on your digital marketing, no other factors or responsibilities are relevant. The sole purpose of an agency is to provide your business with the performance it requires to thrive and grow.

An attentive working relationship, exceptional support and a complete elevation of the digital performance of your business.