10 Reasons Why Google Could Disapprove Your Shopping Feed

Disapproved google products lead to listings not being live or a full account suspension, and no one wants that.

This happening will lead to a loss in sales which could last over multiple days. To make it even worse, when this happens you will have to stop any task that you are currently doing to work on getting the feed live again. Because of this, it’s key that you stop this from happening.

Whether you are looking to set up a feed or if you currently have one, we have a full list of ten common reasons that lead to feeds being disapproved, which many people don’t know about.

1. Logos or text in images

Disapproved Google Products

Do the images in your shopping feed contain the text of any kind or maybe a company logo? These are not accepted on Google Shopping, and after a period of time, these items will be disapproved causing the items to not show. 

Once these are disapproved you would have to apply from a manual review from Google and they can take up to three days! Because of this, it is a must that you avoid this disapproval due to the time and money you could lose out on. 

One thing also to note is that having cartoon-like diagram images will also cause disapproval and are not allowed on your feed.

2. Mismatch in delivery charges due to VAT

This disapproval can usually baffle people, as they can’t work out the reason for this difference in costs between your feed and your landing or checkout page. Most of the time this miss-match is down to Google Shopping users not adding their delivery VAT costs onto their shipping settings.

 If this is not fixed before Google review your account will be suspended leading to it taking up to 4 days to go live again. For companies that rely on Google Shopping to generate profits a suspension like this can be a major blow, so sort it now.

3. Title too long

Disapproved Google Products

Titles on your Google shopping feed should always be under 75 characters. This is down to only this number of characters being shown to users when they are looking at your products on Google. Meaning that if you have over this number of characters you might not be able to show users some important information about your product in the title, which could lead to wasted clicks. 

If your titles are longer than 150 characters or more these are unable to go live. Because of this, you will be having a reduced number of your products live on Google Shopping if you have these long titles. This will mean that you are unable to advertise all of your products which could lead to a reduced amount in products sales.

4. Missing GTIN’s

Disapproved Google Products

When an item is submitted to Google Shopping it requires a GTIN attribute. If your GTIN is missing or is wrong you are required to add it or change the attribute to the correct one. If this code is not added or is incorrect the item will be suspended, leading to you having fewer items live for advertisement. 

What is a GTIN? 

A GTIN or a Global Trade Item Number is a globally unique 14-digit number used to identify trade items, products, or services.

Why is this needed?

Google needs GTIN Codes to identify what you and other users are specifically selling. By adding or amending this Google can help you by adding extra information to your products from these codes that will allow users to find your products more easily.

5. Pages cannot be opened on a mobile device

Disapproved Google Products

When an item is uploaded by feed into Google Shopping you specify your landing page by the ‘link’ attribute. If these links cannot be crawled by Google when using a mobile user-agent they will be disapproved and will not go live. One thing to note is that these will not only be disapproved on mobile but also desktop. 

These are disapproved because when a user visits your landing page they expect to see the product page from the ad they have just clicked on. If this could go live it would lead to a wasted spend from your end and it would also lead to Google shopping customers having a bad user experience. Because of this, it is key that you check your site mobile landing pages.

6. Invalid Images

This is when the image links that you insert into your feed show an invalid image. This will cause your items to be not made life from your shopping feed. This is why links for images should always be checked before adding to your feed. 

If Google didn’t stop making these live it would lead to a very large wasted spend, as buyers use images to make purchase decisions online. If your images are not valid ones, people could click on your advert costing you money and then this buyer could be expecting to see another product and then leave your site unhappy. This will also give Google Shopping a bad image as their buyer experience would go down. 

7. Images too small

Are your images too small or of low quality? Over time this will cause a Google suspension of your items. Which if it’s a good seller could cause you to miss out on high levels of profit! It’s key that your product images are always of a good size to ensure that when they are shown to potential customers on Google they are not distorted or pixelated. 

If Google didn’t do this it would lead to them having a bad experience rating due to the quality of images on the Google Shopping platform. It would also cause a potentially wasted spend for retailers that have small images, as potential customers might not know what they are clicking onto when they can’t make out what an image is. 

We would always advise using high-quality images, as most potential customers make their decision from the image associated with the product that a retailer is selling, people buy with their eyes!   

This is what’s good and what’s bad when it comes to Google shopping images:

How to fix: 

There is only one way to fix and it’s to simply change your image! One thing to remember when doing this is to use the manufacturer image to avoid the copyright of other retailers. 

If you can’t get hold of this manufacturer image or if you are the manufacturer, it would be worth you taking these images yourself, ensuring that you have a good angle of the product that is of high visible quality. To get these items live again to save time it is worth contacting Google for a manual review rather than waiting for the images to be re-crawled.

8. Advertising one of Google’s restricted products

Google has a range of restricted products that you are unable to sell on Google Shopping. There is a wide range of products that are not allowed for various reasons. These items once reviewed will not go live like you expected they will be disapproved. We will list out each one with the reasoning below: 

Counterfeit Goods 

Google does not allow the sale of counterfeit or ‘fake’ goods on its site. This is because Google is a genuine and legal marketplace for users to buy official items.  

Dangerous Products

Google is not in favour of selling items that could be dangerous in any way to its user or to other people. Because of this, you cannot advertise these items on Google Shopping. 

Products That Allow The User To Be Dishonest 

Google does not want to promote products that lead to dishonestly through its advertising. Because of this these items are not allowed. An example of a dishonest product would be a fake I.D. 

Products With Inappropriate Content

Google aims to not offend any users from using its service. Because of this graphic content that could be offensive or graphic is not allowed and will be disapproved if uploaded.  

Shopping ads with Unsupported Content

Ads that offer a service or other things for sale that Google merchant centre doesn’t offer a platform for will not be allowed. This is because it will interfere with their user experience. Because of this, it is better to advertise things like services on AdWords.

9. Missing product identifiers

Google uses product identifiers to help you advertise your products to the right people. They do this by looking into the manufacturer attributes connected to your products. From this, they uniquely match your products to the correct users by their search queries.  Below is the official table of product identifiers from Google: 

10. Incorrect product identifiers

Having incorrect product identifiers can cause a range of issues. One of these is that while your product does go live until it eventually gets disapproved by Google, it could potentially cause your ads to show to users searching for the wrong product.

This would lead to a very large wasted spend and some unwanted customers. Product identifiers are unique manufacturer attributes that are associated with products. These help Google send the correct users to your products through search queries. 

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