3 Ways Google Ads Can Improve Your Business

How Can Google Ads Improve Your Business? 

Google Ads might be a marketing option that you have heard of, however, you might not be so clear on exactly what it can do for your business. In this post, we are going to show the beginner’s guide on 3 ways that Google Ads can help you.

Google ads can Increase your E-Commerce sales

The most common use for Google Ads is to increase your eCommerce sales. This is because of the number of options you have to market your products through Google Ads. Ways that you can market your products on Google Ads include text ads, shopping ads, display ads (image ads) and YouTube video adverts; all of which can increase how google ads can improve your business.

All of these advert options can be tracked in the same way by setting up sale conversions. This can be done by adding a tracking code or Tag Manager trigger to your confirmation page.

google ads can build brand your awareness

Google Ads is an amazing way to build your company’s brand awareness. This can be done in various ways with the best-being display image ads. This is due to this ad type being the most stand out as you can with your branding and bold text.

 Another reason why this is a great option is that it’s very cheap compared to other ad types. Another great way to get in front of users at a low price is YouTube Ads that you can message through Google Ads. An impression or view for one of these ad types can cost as little as £0.008 if modified well. 

google ads can help you gain enquiries

Site enquiries is a great way to increase business and Google Ads can definitely help you improve this sector of your digital marketing. You can encourage enquiries through your advert text by adding it as a call to action. You can also gain enquiries through phone calls and email extensions on your adverts which automatically track when a user clicks on them. 

Numbers and enquiry forms on your website can be easily tracked using Google Tag Manager. By doing this you can see where your enquiries are coming from.

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