5 Groundbreaking Tips To Improve Lead Generation

Generating leads online is a real art form. Many business owners and digital marketing agencies overcomplicate the process; all you need to do to improve lead generation is discover the right formula for your niche.

Unable to generate a sufficient amount of leads online? Put some time into improving these areas:

1. Persuasive Copy

Your copy is your bread and butter. If your copy is slacking you risk the whole campaign falling apart. If you cannot write coherent/persuasive copy, you need to outsource a copywriter.

Your copy needs to be direct, engaging and clear. Be direct with what you offer and how the consumer can follow up. This text is essentially a pitch to convince the user to take action – be sure you’re making a compelling case for them to do so.

2. Be Direct

You need to get straight to the point. The average viewing duration on social media ad videos is around 4 seconds; this is a great example of how quickly attention is lost.

To catch the consumer’s attention you need to be in their face with your offer, don’t be timid. Have a clear offer, tagline and direction of which you intend them to follow.

3. Believe in your brand

It is hard to sell a product you do not completely believe in. Just like your copy, your entire campaign is a pitch to win over new or preexisting consumers.

You need to have faith in your business and that the service/product you offer will help consumers. Once you have faith, it is easier to persuade others to believe. Make sure you, your employees and any outsourced help are all on the same page.

4. Landing Pages

If you’re running paid campaigns, landing pages are paramount; if you do not optimise your landing pages, you may as well be throwing your money in the bin (or wiring it straight to Boris for one of those Downing Street raves).

Make sure your landing pages are user friendly, fast and include persuasive content. Many businesses locate their weak landing page as the leak in their sales funnel, be sure to make yours airtight.

5. CTA (Call To Action)

Your call to action needs to be clear, precise and easy to follow. Most commonly seen as a button or a submission form, these are very basic and user friendly – you want to keep your CTA as simple as possible. 

Whether you want the consumer to purchase, call or fill out a contact form; be sure that you’ve made that instruction clear, even if that is in the way of a ginormous flashing button.

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