6 Essential Time Management Skills For Small Business Owners

We’ve compiled our top 6 essential time management skills for small business owners to aid you in your professional endeavours.

We know the pain of being a small business owner, the trials of being CEO, Marketer, Salesperson, Administrator, Human Resources and more. Being spread thin is stressful and consuming; you must manage your time efficiently.


Have Clear Objectives

Make sure you have a clear objective you’re working to achieve. All tasks (no matter how big or small) should aim towards reaching your set goals. 

It’s easy to lose sight of direction and drown in menial tasks; don’t waste your precious time on tasks that do not push your business in the direction of your objectives.

Outsourcing Projects & Tasks

Outsourcing will not only give you more time, but it may also increase the quality of your work. It’s best to hand a project to a third party who has the time and expertise to execute it sufficiently rather than rush through yourself.

If digital marketing is something you don’t have the time for, check out our digital marketing services – we offer affordable packages for small businesses.


Urgency Is Essential For Time Management

It’s crucial to log tasks with the urgency of completion. Urgent tasks with a strict timeframe should usually take your immediate attention. Be sure to keep an eye on vital tasks that don’t have an urgent timeframe; frequently, these tasks are the most important to driving your business forward.

Make Clear Checklists

Among the most essential time management skills for small business owners, checklists is our most used at SX Marketing. Checklists are a fantastic way to track progress. The most basic form of progression management is still one of the most effective. A checklist may seem monotonous, but it’s simple and easy to track.

Try writing a monthly, weekly and daily checklist for the tasks at hand. This way, you’ll scope what tasks need are to be completed immediately and what is to come. 


Keep A Tidy Schedule

Make sure you’re keeping a neat schedule. A schedule will allow you to keep track of your time, meetings and deadlines. Having all your upcoming events in one place declutters your mind and reduces the stress of juggling all of those dates.

We at SX Marketing use Google Calendar – it’s a great way to keep a strict diary and collaborate with colleagues. You can share a schedule and add specific users to specific events.

Set Reminders

Make it easy for yourself, set reminders for important tasks or habits. These can be anything from visual indicators to phone alarms. With a thousand things going on around you, it’s easy to forget the most basic tasks. 

Simple reminders make it effortless to execute tasks that are easy to forget.


Delegate To Your Team

As a small business owner, it can be easy to believe that you can take on the world and complete every task yourself – this is not the case. It is easier and less time consuming to delegate any jobs you can to lighten your load.

Learn to trust your colleagues or employees to complete these tasks for you. It’ll open up more free time for you to focus on crucial tasks.

In Conclusion


There are countless ways to make your life easier and your time more manageable. We recommend starting simple with a daily checklist or scheduling your week the weekend before the beginning of the week.

Spreading yourself too thin is a sure way to burn out – avoid burning out at all costs. If you burn out and fall off the wagon, you may never get back on it.

If you’re struggling to manage your time because you’re spending every waking hour trying to keep you business afloat online; we may be of service. Contact us today to see if we can help.

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