4 SEO Myths To Stop Worrying About In 2022

In this article, we’ll cover and answer 4 of the biggest SEO myths that were thrown around back in 2021. There is consistently a lot of hot air circulating online regarding SEO and digital marketing as a whole; we hope to clear some of this air and restore some clarity for you.

SEO myths

Exact Match Domains

It has been said that exact match domains make a huge difference in SEO. If you manage to get a domain that contains the exact keyword you are looking to rank for.

This is not always the case

Just because you have an exact match domain there is no guarantee that your domain will shoot onto page 1. You also need to make sure that your site is well-optimized. But having an exact match domain will help.

SEO myths

Duplicate Content Causes Penalisation

Many people stress that duplicate content on your site will cause you to get penalized by Google. This is simply not the case. Many sites have duplicate content across the site and google realizes that this is going to happen.

The only negative it can have is your organic traffic. If two pages on your site have similar content then Google will not know which one to rank and it can cause neither of them to rank as highly as you would like. But in no way whatsoever will Google penalize your site because of this.

SEO myths

The More Backlinks The Better

Backlinks are important to SEO, but it is extremely important to get the correct backlinks.

This is very much the case of quality over quantity. The wrong backlinks can take a negative effect on your site. Making sure you are getting the right ones is critical. So the more the better is not the case.

SEO myths

Google Likes Fresh Content

It is good to publish fresh content regularly. But the phrase Google likes fresh content isn’t always the case when taken as if I publish a new article it will rank above my competitors because it is newer; this is not always the case. Well written informative and unique content is what Google likes.

At the same time, it is good practice to go back and update old content with new information. Sometimes this can be regarded as better than churning out new content every week as your older articles are more aged in google.

SEO myths


We hope that we have cleared a few of those myths up. If you are looking to improve your SEO this year the right way and avoid wasting time on pointless SEO tactics/myths which you don’t know if they work or not. 

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