3 Common Branding Mistakes You’re Making

Branding is more than just an eye-catching logo and a slick colour palette; it’s the skeleton of your business. Your brand is everything from how your employees greet customers in the store to the signature you sign off your emails. In this article, we will be looking at our top 3 most common branding mistakes.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely making them yourself.


Like every single fold of life, consistency is key – this is no different with your branding. There is no use having any branding at all if you’re not going to follow your own rules.

Let’s use Mcdonald’s as an example, their branding is phenomenal and a great case study to follow. Every single Mcdonald’s in the world (that’s 36,000 restaurants) has the same decor, colours, atmosphere – it’s even to the point where it’s difficult to tell two restaurants apart. 

Disregarding the power consistency is a common branding mistake – this consistency creates comfort, trust and familiarity.

Let’s think of brand consistency on a smaller scale and how you can create a familiar brand with an SMB. For example, let’s take your business logo; you should be clear on how, when and where your logo will be displayed. To be specific, this level of attention to detail separates the pros and amateurs. If you want people to recognise your brand, make it easy for them – you can do this simply by being consistent.

Lack Of Investment

Many business owners rather have very restricted budget or do not see the importance of having a brand image, especially if they’re in more of a spit and sawdust industry. 

A lot of businesses underinvest or do not invest at all, this is bad for business. We love the saying “You’ve got to spend money to make money” – this is as true as ever, especially when investing in your own business. 

The main issue we find at SX Marketing is you don’t see a clear return from investing in your brand image. No one is going to say they’ve purchased from you because they like the colour and font you’ve used on your site homepage. Customers acquired due to strong branding are usually indirectly won over, due to this, analytically you won’t be able to see a clear return on investment – this lack of clarity stops the majority of business owners from investing.


Another of our common branding mistakes is transparency. When building a trustworthy brand, you must be as transparent as possible. The quickest way to build this consumer trust is to be completely transparent. 

Be clear on your brand morals, your narrative and how you operate as a business. A business that keeps its doors closed is a business that begins to build distance from the company to the consumer.

You can create transparency in several ways; the most basic is being clear of your intentions – engage your customer with who you are and what you intend to do. This openness builds a fruitful relationship that will see the customer returning repeatedly. This returning custom is the main goal of your brand; these returning customers are your most valuable and should be treated as such.

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