How Do I Make A Viral Instagram Reel?

In this article, we’ll cover Instagram’s Reel format and a few simple rules to follow that can help your content go viral. Instagram Reels get 22% more engagement than regular videos on Instagram; this statistic shows the power of the influential format.

If Instagram Reels aren’t already part of your social media marketing strategy, they should be!

What is a viral instagram Reel?

Reels are the portrait videos you can find on your Instagram feed and discovery page. Many believe that they’re close relative to ‘TikToks’, and they’re not wrong.

Instagram first introduced the reel format in Brazil, known as ‘Cenas’. Brazil’s Instagram users increased by 4.3% after the trial launch. Due to this success, in late 2020, Reels were rolled out in over 50 countries worldwide. Since the launch, many businesses, influencers and anyone with a substantial following/knowledge of social media have been producing Reels.

Reels are a great way of growing your audience, reaching new followers and increasing viewership.


The content of your viral Instagram Reel is the first step. If your content is monotonous, dull and unrelatable, then you’ve fallen at the first hurdle. There is no use making sure that you follow the rest of our rules if your content is weak.

We recommend : 

  • Following trends
  • Keeping it light-hearted and funny
  • Taking creative influence from influential channels in your niche
  • Keeping it short and sweet (<10 seconds)
  • Be creative and stand out
  • Don’t try to sell


Instagram allow you 30 hashtags per post. Use them.

Hashtags are essential to reaching your intended audience. Hashtags are how you tell the algorithm what your content is. A human can comprehend that you’ve uploaded an image of a cup of coffee, the algorithm cannot – you’ve got to convey the information via your hashtags (i.e. #coffee #latte #coffeeart).

We recommend :

  • Use all 30 hashtags available to you
  • Do your research on popular industry hashtags
  • Use trending hashtags
  • Use location-based hashtags
  • Use content relevant hashtags


Good audio is the 2nd on our list of viral Instagram Reel rules. Featuring sounds/audio is a brilliant way of picking up views. A lot of the time, the audio is trending rather than a particular reel. If you can pick up on an inbound trend early, you’re onto a winner. 

We recommend :

  • Keeping up to date with trending audio
  • Use audio ranking sites to research what is popular (
  • If you’re going to reuse the sound from another reel, make sure it is a successful reel
  • If you use your audio, ensure it is high quality and undamaged

Video Quality

Poor video quality is guaranteed to get you poor results. The Instagram algorithm hates low resolution, unsteady or damaged videos. Even if you are shooting on a dated phone with an inadequate camera, you can still find success.

We recommend : 

  • Using the back camera of your phone 
  • Shooting in good lighting 
  • Using a tripod or gimbal 
  • Ensuring your lens is clean
  • Turning all your phone camera settings to maximum


This one is pretty simple. No watermarks.

If Instagram suspects you’ve content recycled from another popular app with a similar format *nudge nudge*, it’ll boot it down the rankings. If you’re going to upload on both platforms, make sure you’re doing so with the raw footage.

In Conclusion 

Instagram Reels are an exciting, fun and inexpensive way of promoting your business; if you follow our advice on making viral reels, you’re sure to see success. 

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