How To Increase Website Profitability


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With the digital age taking hold of the majority of businesses, having an engaging website is quintessential. If you’re driving traffic to a site that is slow, unresponsive and confusing, you’re going to be losing money. Luckily for you, we’ve written a guide to increase your website profitability.

Every click onto your site is a potential customer. If a majority of users are exiting within 10 seconds, you’re simply losing out. (This doesn’t just count if you’re running paid campaigns either)

If your site is failing to deliver, you may need to improve in some of these areas:


A site with a >5 seconds load time sees a 90% increase in bounce rate. 90% is a significant chunk of traffic that you cannot afford to lose. Many web builders used in 2022 are heavy and slow – try to avoid these sluggish content management systems. 

Anything above 10 seconds is unacceptable – you will be losing a heavy percentage of your traffic and decreasing your website profitability.

There are several ways to increase the speed of your site; most problems revolve around hosting, building and content of the page. We recommend running a Google Speed Test to see what they diagnose.

Responsiveness & Usability

If you have someone searching the web for a provider of your niche, they will click on your site. If they hit the first button they see and it doesn’t work, you can guarantee the next click will be the exit button. 

Be sure you’re thoroughly checking over every single pixel of your site. Responsiveness issues are irritating and will be another cause of a high bounce rate.

Engaging Content

Many sites we review are fast, user-friendly, look good. Many of these same sites lack of engaging content is the death of the user journey.

Your content is the soul of your website; without relative content, the site is just a shell. You want your site to be popping at the seams with interesting, engaging and thought-provoking content – this high-level content is what will keep them on the site. If you put time into improving site content, you will see a steep increase in user duration and a steady slope in bounce rate percentage.

Clear CTA

Having a clear Call To Action is paramount, especially if you have a conversion objective-based site. 

You must picture your user as a mouse in a maze; they have a clear destination and you must assist them in getting there. Most times they’ll hit the first CTA they see, especially impulsive users. You need to motivate and guide the user’s journey to arrive at your desired destination. 

This can be done by using suggestive content, i.e. buttons, text, titles and images. If the content is displayed in a specific way at a specific time, it’ll guide the user towards the CTA or chosen destination.



99% of sites look exactly like every other site in their niche; this is fantastic if you’re looking to fit in but we recommend you do the polar opposite.

You want to stand out! Unless you have some very enticing USPs, you need to make an impression on the first click. Before they’ve even made it past your header, you’ve already encapsulated them.

A mediocre site will see mediocre results. If you want to increase your website profitability, you need to be more than mediocre.

For more information on increasing your websites profitability contact SX Marketing today via our contact form.

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