What’s The Importance Of Negative Keywords On Google Ads

What’s The Importance Of Negative Keywords On Google Ads? 

Google Ads is a great way to improve your company’s reach, site user numbers and revenue. Although this is the case, ensuring that you optimize your account is extremely important so you don’t waste money or time. One of the best ways to optimize your search and shopping campaigns is by adding negative keywords. 

Every company will have a set of keywords that are relevant to them, but some of these keywords if not formatted properly or if they contain words that could be used for other searches can trigger irrelevant search terms to show your ad.

What’s The Importance Of Negative Keywords On Google Ads

What is a negative keyword?

Negative keywords are words that you don’t want your ad to show for. For example if you sell shoes and want to show for them your ads could show to someone that has searched for a shoe cleaning service.

why are negative keywords bad?

When asking what’s the importance of negative keywords on google ads, you must first understand why keywords are, well, negative. There could be for a number of reasons that you would want to add negative keywords with the most common reasons being relevance and wasted spend.

how do I find my negative keywords?

The process of finding negative keywords involves research and data reviews. From this data, you can ensure that you are adding the best negative keywords that won’t lose you any existing sales. 

By reviewing your search terms you can work out what your company is showing for and most of the time you are wasting spend without even knowing! You should consistently check your search terms often as search trends and the way that people search on the web is always changing. 

Once your negative keywords are added you can start saving spend or using that spend on your relevant keywords to get better results going forward! 

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