How Schema Markup Can Skyrocket Your SEO

schema markup

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schema markup

What Is Schema Markup & Why Should I Use It?

SEO can be improved by adding schema markup to the HTML of your website. You may enhance how your site is presented in search engines by using structured data efficiently. 

For instance, by utilising structured data, Google is able to provide a “rich snippet” for your material. This is an overview of the webpage that people may access through Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). 

What Is A Rich Snippet?

A rich snippet may also be seen while viewing product details. It can include information about the product’s ratings and reviews. Your search result will become more intriguing to potential visitors as a consequence of this additional information. Rich snippets offer far more of a reason to click on the pages they link to than a regular post does.

Why Use This Add on?

You may improve exposure and click-through to your content by adding structured data to your sites. Schema markup serves as a data source for Google’s Knowledge Graph, a database used to build knowledge panels. A knowledge panel is a box that displays on the right side of a search result and contains important information that has been condensed.

Knowledge Panels & Schema Markup

A knowledge panel is a powerful tool for making your material stand out amid the thousands of search results that may be returned. Increasing organic website traffic may be possible with the help of this.

Although employing markup won’t ensure that your material is presented in this way, it might boost the likelihood. Briefly said, using schema markup can help you perform better in search results. Visitor confidence in clicking through should increase as they can see more specific information about your website. Improvements in views, engagement, and even conversions may result from this.

Using schema markup on your website: How to do it

Now that you are aware of how crucial it is to include markup in your content, let’s talk about how to do it. Several methods exist for doing this.

1. Use the Structured Data Markup Helper to annotate web pages

The Structured Data Markup Helper is one tool you may use to add schema markup to your website.

This tool can enhance your Google search results because it was created by Google. The Google Structured Data Markup Helper is easy to use and suitable for beginners. With this tool, you may visually annotate web pages rather than simply integrating structured data into them, then download the updated HTML code.

2. Use Yoast SEO to implement schema markup

You can automatically put schema markup on your WordPress website by using a plugin like Yoast SEO

This tool helps you to enhance the entire SEO of your website. Many web developers use this tool to help guide them towards having perfect SEO and a strong listing on Google. You can also use Yoast SEO to implement Schema Markup.

Hiring A Professional

If you’re looking to improve your SEO and implement Schema Markup on your site but don’t have the time or the know how to do so? We are here to help! 

You could invest your time and money into learning how SEO works and how you can improve your site. Alternatively, you could save yourself the time and money by hiring a professional. Many of our clients find that by outsourcing professional help saves them money in the long run. 

We offer professional and affordable SEO packages which include Schema Markup. 

Hit the link below to learn more about SX Marketing SEO Packages.

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