Why Should My Small Business Invest In Digital Marketing?

Are you a small business owner and looking to invest in your Digital Marketing strategy? or maybe you’re unsure what digital marketing even means?

SX Marketing will be covering what Digital Marketing is, the advantages to investing in your strategy and where to begin. Its a vast but surprisingly simple terrain.

What is Digital Marketing?

In a brief description, Digital Marketing is any form of advertising using the internet/digital medium to reach an audience. 

A Few Examples of Popular Digital Marketing Techniques : 

  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Search Engine Optimisation 
  • Search Engine Advertising (PPC) 
  • Email Marketing

These are just a handful of techniques used by marketers and CEOs across the globe.

Over the last decade, Digital Marketing has become fast, affordable and easily accessible. It appears like the internet has revolutionised the way we reach our customers. Traditional forms of advertising are still effective, although digital mediums are the best choice for most business owners.

Read on to find out why we believe digital marketing for small businesses is the best option.

It’s Affordable

Digital marketing can be very reasonable. If your campaigns are thoroughly planned and well-executed, you’ll be saving yourself a buck or two compared to traditional marketing.

One of the greatest strengths of digital marketing is there is no set price. Your cost will likely only include advertising budget, possibly premium subscription fees and third-party assistance (if required).

 Although we recommend investing a substantial budget, this is not always necessary. As a business owner, you’ll know you need to spend money to make money. Even if your funding is restricted, being frugal and strategic with your campaign can still see some lucrative results.

Audience Targeting

Detailed targeting options allow you to pinpoint your customer’s profile – which is a significant advantage over traditional marketing techniques. If you were to run a billboard campaign or a radio ad – your audience is broad but disinterested. 

Digital Marketing Targeting Options :

  • Demographic – Age, Gender, Marital status, Occupation
  • Psychographic – Behaviours, interests, values, opinions
  • Geographic – Where they are, where they’ve been, where they live
  • Behavioural – Visiting a particular website, Visiting particular webpage, The duration of your stay on said webpage

These are a handful of targeting options. The precision of digital marketing campaigns is unrivalled – don’t waste your money on marketing to the wrong people.

Tracking Your audience

Another HUGE advantage over traditional marketing is tracking. The ability to track your user’s journey from beginning to end is life-changing. With analytical tools, tracking codes and easy-to-use tracking technology, this is as easy as ever. 

An example of tracking: 

You’re running a Facebook Ads campaign to sell for your e-Commerce business; you’re using your homepage as a landing page directly from the ad. With Facebook Pixel installed on your website, you’ll be able to track how many people have clicked your ad, how many users clicked around your site, how many users added an item to their basket and much more.

With this data, we can create a custom audience to retarget. Say Helen added red leather boots to her cart but didn’t purchase – why not hit Helen with an ad for those same red leather boots 3-days from her visit to your site? 

This level of tracking creates considerable marketing opportunities which are lucrative for your business.


The internet has seen our phones, computers and tablets on your person 24 hours a day. This digital revolution means that your audience is readily accessible as long as they’re using a communication device. 

An average person in the UK spends 148 minutes a day on their phone. That’s 67 million people, accessible for 2.5 hours every day. The term ‘Anytime, Anywhere’ sings true; Digital Marketing’s accessibility is unmatched.



Digital Marketing doesn’t just allow you to promote to your audience – it enables you to create engagement. Via Social Media, community sites, comment sections, you can engage with your customers and your customers can engage with one another.

This engagement does absolute wonders for your brand if executed correctly. Consumers begin to build trust in your business, but they’ll also feel involved. This community feeling is paramount, especially for small businesses.

There is an abundance of fantastic services to manage your social media engagements and content. The one we use and recommend is Buffer.

How Do I Begin?

Everyone has to start somewhere. Do not feel like a fool because you’re new to digital marketing – we’ve all been in your position. If you begin with the basics, you could try :

  • Creating a Facebook page for your business 
  • Creating an Instagram Account for your business
  • Research if you’d like a business website
  • Create a Google My Business for your business
  • Enlist the help of an affordable Digital Marketing agency *wink*

Our Expert Advice

We’d recommend starting to consider Digital Marketing. It’s not too late to begin – the landscape is forever changing, we’re always on the back foot of the latest trends. 

Begin to look at getting some basics set up for your business. Start small with our list above and go from there.

We would recommend outsourcing your Digital Marketing to a third party. The expertise of marketing agencies means your campaign will be impactful, affordable and have a higher return of investment. The most significant advantage is time-saving; you will save yourself untold hours of researching and learning, let alone executing the marketing (Use this time growing your business!).

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