Why Technical SEO Is Important For Your Website

In this article, we will cover what technical SEO is and how important it is for your website. If you’ve got a rudimental understanding of SEO, you’ve probably heard of keywords, backlinks and alt tags; in reality, this is half of the picture.

Technical SEO

What is Technical SEO?

You can think of keywords and backlinks as the front end process whereas this is the backend – the engine if you like; these are the practices that take place under the hood. 

Technical SEO is a process by which a website is corrected. 

Examples are:

  • Site Speed
  • Redirects
  • Sitemap Submission
  • Server Errors
  • Broken Code
Technical SEO

Why is it important to your website?

It is paramount to check your site regularly to ensure that it does not have any technical problems. 

Having technical problems can affect the ranking of your site.

Let’s take site speed as an example. An optimal site load time is 2 – 5 seconds, any more than 8 seconds is considered bad practice. Google now takes the speed of your site very seriously into consideration when deciding who ranks number 1. 

If your site takes 10+ seconds to complete loading, this will affect your Google ranking and increase bounce rate; avoid this at all costs.

Site speed is just one example but the practice is the same throughout. If a website’s performance suffers due to bad Technical SEO, your search engine ranking is likely to suffer also. 


Technical SEO

How You Can Improve Your Technical SEO

Improving your SEO can be confusing, time-consuming and down-right difficult.


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