The Power of Competitor Analysis for SEO

In this article, SX Marketing will cover the power of competitor analysis for SEO, what competitor analysis is and why competitor analysis is crucial in your SEO strategy. We will also look into search engine optimisation techniques we use regularly.

What Is Competitor Analysis?

Competitor analysis is one of the most widely used SEO tactics. It has been a tool in the arsenal of Digital Marketers since search engines began.

Competitor analysis (true to its name) is the process of analysing your rivals to compete with them. This market research usually revolves around Keywords, Site Structure, Content and more.

It is quintessential to poke your head around a few sites and collect data before planning your SEO strategy. This research will uncover some precious data that you can capitalise on.

An intelligent man once said, “a wise man learns from his own mistakes. The wiser man learns from the mistakes of others” – at SX Marketing, we like to use this phrase when it comes to building strategies. Why waste your time and money on techniques that are not working for others. 


Site Structure

To begin with, let’s look at site structure. This analysis is simple to a trained eye. If you’re not so experienced, it can be a little difficult. Site structure is essentially a run-through of the site looking at features, design, development and responsiveness.

Once you’ve looked into several site’s structures, you can begin to implement these findings into your SEO strategy and your website. Remember, you want to stand out; as much as you want to include similar features, you also want to be distinct. 


Content & Keywords

Content and keywords are the key fundamentals of having a successful SEO campaign. We want content that is eye-catching, engaging and easily digestible. Which also contains well-researched keywords to be featured throughout the content in important SEO areas such as H1s, H2s etc.

Getting both of these factors right is paramount – you’ll seldom see a successful website that has neither.

Content is equally important, without a relative and well-structured content plan, your website is redundant and it’ll struggle to thrive. 



Backlinks are the backbone of any successful SEO campaign. Even though this is crucial to your search engine optimisation, it’ll come into effect a little later down the line.

Indulge in competitors backlink campaigns – see the efforts they’re making, who their referring domains are and how you can get links from these websites too.


Social Media

We all know how impactful social media is as a marketing tool. It’s vital to research into your rivals profiles; make notes on what social media they do/don’t use and dive into their profiles and content.

If done correctly, social media is a fantastic way of driving brand awareness and online traffic. 



In summary, competitor analysis is a crucial building block in your SEO strategy and your digital marketing efforts as a whole. You can learn a lot from your rivals – they’ve got an abundance of data and experience, capitalise on that.

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