The Ultimate Guide to URL Structuring

URL Structuring
In this ultimate guide to URL Structuring, we delve into URLs, URL Structuring and why this practice is crucial for your website's SEO.

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What is a URL?

When using a browser to view a website, we type a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) into the address bar. Links are another name for a web URL. A lot of individuals will click a link to go straight to your website. Does it thus matter what the page’s URL is? Indeed, it does! Your link’s appearance is important; this is where URL Structuring comes into play…

URL Structuring

What is URL structuring?

An internet address is known as a URL. It consists of a route, a domain name, and a protocol. The protocol—which can be either http:// or https://—is how the browser obtains information about that page. The portion of the domain that is located after the primary “root” domain is known as the subdomain. 

Although you can build several subdomains, you shouldn’t have a ton of them unless you absolutely need them as they are effectively separate websites. To arrange the material on your website, subdomains are built. Any combination of letters, not only www, may be used as a subdomain. A website’s domain name serves as its special address. There are several top-level domains (TLDs), such as com, org, and net. The path designates a page, post, or file’s precise location.

Why is URL structuring important for SEO?

Your website’s content is organized using URLs. They serve as a conduit for a user to access your material. There are two key factors that influence URL structure:

  • User Experience
  • PageRank

SEO best practices for URL structuring

An Excellent URL Structure to Follow

Prior to beginning the construction of your website, you must establish the URL hierarchy. The ideal URL structure is not predetermined. Additionally, URLs might vary based on the purpose of the website. But the ideal URL structure is one that is clear, logical, simple to remember, and that also makes sense from the language used. Make sure your URL structure is clear so that both people and search engines can comprehend how the many pages on your site are related to one another.

Cover Up The WWW Prefix

Since it is quite clear that this refers to a website domain, the www prefix was selected to avoid misunderstanding. Today, however, it is not required to mention it. In addition, if you do include it, it appears dated, requires more typing effort, and takes up more room in the address bar. To make your domain “bare” and cleaner, hide the www prefix. Redirecting to the naked domain from the www version.


Make necessary changes to the page's URL

Each page you add to your website should have a distinct function. Avoid utilising illogical, arbitrary numbers that have no bearing on the situation. Make sure the page URLs on your website accurately reflect the information found there. Your user experience will be enhanced, and click-through rates may rise as a result.

URL Structuring Is brief & straightforward

The title of the page or post is typically used as the default URL, however occasionally this results in a URL that is an excessively lengthy string of characters. The shorter the URL, the better—short URLs also frequently rank higher.

Google-friendly URLs

Your website’s URLs serve as its foundation and, when improved, may assist drive more visitors to it. Clean URLs are easier to share, perform better in searches, and come off as more reliable.

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