The Ultimate Guide To Business Growth Using LinkedIn Ads

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Why Use LinkedIn Ads?

How do you develop communities, raise your brand recognition, and position your company for success in this congested online space? Over the past few years, social media marketing has swept the world by storm. Social media platforms with millions of users have emerged as a key venue for cutting-edge advertising.

In Comparison To Other Social Networks

While Facebook paid to advertise is a fairly popular alternative, LinkedIn, specifically through the usage of LinkedIn advertisements, is one social network that doesn’t receive the attention it deserves but offers a lot of potential for businesses to draw in leads and sales. 500 million individuals worldwide have a LinkedIn profile, thus you most likely have one as well. LinkedIn isn’t the place to post videos of your dog performing amusing feats, unlike Facebook. It has a more business-oriented focus and aims to connect customers and freelancers who may collaborate, assist employers in finding staff, and facilitate business relationships and transactions. 

What Type Of Users Are On LinkedIn?

Most users are professional and serious individuals. That aids in helping you focus on a more specific audience for your LinkedIn profile. It’s a convenient location to get the most recent information and trends in any business. LinkedIn ads are particularly effective for businesses in B2B sectors like software, manufacturing, and other related industries, as well as for businesses or even for sole proprietors who offer services to businesses like consulting, business coaching, speaking, workshops, and other related services.

Why Is It Crucial To Reach These Users?

A focused audience may be reached by businesses using this network to promote their goods, services, special events, conferences, webinars, and more. One benefit of LinkedIn is that it works wonders for generating leads. Most LinkedIn users aren’t immediately ready to buy, in contrast to Facebook surfers. In order to follow up on the transaction later, you obtain their contact information. However, you may still make direct sales using LinkedIn; depending on your speciality, this can be effective.

Who ought to utilise LinkedIn ads?

Let’s be honest about this. Not every company needs LinkedIn ads. And you can spend a lot of time, money, and effort if you’re not on the “list.” In general, consumer product-focused businesses shouldn’t employ LinkedIn advertisements. However, it’s the ideal location if you work in a speciality that revolves around professional development, skill acquisition, or self-improvement, or if you market business events or work in a B2B sector. In fact, failing to use LinkedIn if you work in B2B is shooting yourself in the foot.

How to Use LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn advertisements may be used in two different ways:

  • Self-service ads
  • Managed campaigns

Self-service advertisements allow you to create your own campaigns, develop your own advertising material, and establish your own ad budgets. With managed campaigns, you collaborate with a team at LinkedIn to perfect your ad wording and increase the number of high-end prospects you reach. Both approaches make use of the Campaign Manager tool on LinkedIn to launch, manage, and end any active LinkedIn ads

Using LinkedIn Advertising: Next Steps

After reading this article, you’re probably ready to drop Facebook, Instagram and Google and head for the hills. Before taking any steps, you should asses if LinkedIn ads are viable for your business and your goals. If you’re in the B2B sector, chances are, LinkedIn is a fantastic option for digital advertising. 

Always ensure you have completed sufficient research before investing in any advertising. 

Save Yourself The Time And Hire A Professional

You could read 100 articles, tutorials and walk-throughs on how to set up a campaign. Or you could save your time and consider hiring a professional agency to assist you in achieving your goals via LinkedIn ads. 

At SX Marketing, we offer a range of tailored, affordable and effective packages, all made with small business owners in mind. If you’re looking to take LinkedIn by storm, why not arrange a free consultation with one of our experts to ensure it is the right move for your business. 


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