Why Smart Campaigns Are The Future Of PPC

Why We Believe Smart Campaigns Are The Future of PPC Advertising

One of the difficulties of using Google Ads and other PPC platforms in the past has been getting the targeting correct. Seemingly a trial and error process that’s time consuming, expensive and could be a total waste of money.

All of this has now changed with the introduction of Smart Campaigns.

How Do Smart Campaigns Work?

These campaigns work using machine learning to automatically target users that are likely to show an interest in your ads and business.

The Smart Campaign saves on setup time, wasted spend and missed clicks. Although Smart Ads still have a learning phase once set up, this is much more efficient and less costly than manually finding an audience group that does not work.

They also allow you to target users across various platforms through display, search and video ads all from one ad set. This gives you a great amount of exposure at a reduced price compared to a standard campaign.

Smart campaigns do come with some controversy, however

Smart Campaigns remove some of the control you have with standard campaigns; concerning reviewing search terms, changing bids and adding negative keywords.

Although this might not sound ideal unless your target audience is a tight niche or could contain a lot of wasted traffic – these are not needed in a Smart Campaign due to how efficient the machine learnt targeting is.

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