Why Technical SEO Is Important For Your Website

A CTA (or calls to action as they are widely known) is key when it comes to written and display advertising.

Many believe that they have little to no effect when it comes to your advert’s click-through rate but data shows this not to be true.

How a cTA will Affect your ads

Although for most people CTAs are an afterthought; telling people what they should be doing when they see your ad is one of the best ways to get more clicks.

When including a CTA in your advert, it is set to trigger the potential customer to take action. Some tests have proven ads to get 30% more click-throughs when using Call To Actions.

Creating Your CTA

When coming up with your CTA you need to tailor it to the exact action you want a user to take on your landing page. For example, if you have an eCommerce site your CTA’s might be “Order today” or “Visit us today and get free shipping when you spend £30+”.

CTA's in social media ads

CTA’s don’t always feature in-text ads – some social media platforms such as Facebook offer these in the button form. It is crucial to include these on your social ads and to link the ads to your pixel tracking so you can see the button results.

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